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Instructor: Roxanne Moore

Contact Roxanne Moore (Instructor) for class information and class times for PraiseMoves® and PraiseKicks® class.

CDC Covid-19 guidelines for exercise classes will be followed. Please wear masks when entering and leaving the building. Masks are available upon request.



My name is Roxanne Moore.
I have personally experienced many physical benefits from PraiseMoves®.  These include lasting relief from chronic back pain, better posture, improved muscle tone, increased flexibility, and strength.  Even more important than the physical benefits are the spiritual benefits that have come through PraiseMoves®.  We focus on God’s Word and experience His love and grace as we transform our workout into worship.  I would love for you to join me and experience the relaxing, uplifting, and Christ-centered benefits of these stretching and breathing techniques.

Living Hope Church is the only location and church that offers PraiseMoves® in Medina and the surrounding areas at this time.


*What do I bring to class?

Suggested:  H20 bottle, Hand Towel, Exercise Mat, if you have one.  

Limited amount of “borrowed” exercise mats, blocks, and fitness balls

are available for use, first come basis, or if you happen to forget yours.

Optional:  Exercise Band if needed, Small pillow or towel for extra padding if needed,

Exercise Block for added support if needed, Bible/Prayer Requests if needed.

*Each PraiseMoves® participant and/or Parent or Guardian MUST sign a liability waiver! Please come early if first-timer.

E-mail ahead of time to secure your spot in class!

For Living Hope Church Members

*Cost is Free of Charge for all Living Hope Church members (10 years of age and up.)

*Members are welcome to give any monetary donation for this ministry if they feel so led.

*Members may also consider donating gently-used exercise mats, blocks,

or other materials, if they feel so led.

*Members may also donate time as baby-sitters for those with small children.

*Each PraiseMoves® participant and/or Parent or Guardian MUST sign a liability waiver! 

*PraiseMoves® Men are welcome!

*Cash Preferred but Credit accepted.  Please contact Roxanne if cost is a concern.

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