What is the church supposed to be? Acts 2:42-47

Gandhi: “I’d be a Christian if it were not for the Christians.’”[1]

From the Passage

What are the apostles doing?

What are those who believed doing?

What is the Lord doing?

The church is supposed to be the __________________________ family of God, where heaven touches earth, where love, i.e. unconditional acceptance of another and a care for their being, is the prime feature, because it is a prime feature of God’s posture towards us.

4 Family Characteristics

Worship: went to the temple, not just singing, it was to be in God’s presence

Authority and power: the authority of Jesus was being displayed

Community: they came together

Discipleship: they were living life in the Way of Jesus and more and more people believed in Jesus and were welcomed and became family members and were equipped in this Way of Jesus

When the church is not living up to her calling, it is because she has forgotten her identity, who she is.


Are you grounded in your identity in Christ?

In being the family of God do you live out a "WE" mindset or a "ME" mindset?

[1] https://www.kansascity.com/living/religion/article18756585.html Accessed 8/15/2020


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