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Living as Salt & Light in the United States now (sermon notes)

Christians are called to engage with and in the world around them and not be disengaged.

Matthew 5:13-16



If the meat is not preserved it rots and decays.

If the church disengages with the world, then what happens to the world? What happens to society? What happens to the next generation?

Flavoring food:

Mix salt with the food; changes the taste, makes it better. Salt is active and influences anything it touches.

We are called to apply the Jesus Way of life to every aspect of living.

Salt losing its saltiness

Comes from Greek word meaning “to become insipid” Insipid: bland, inane, watered down. It is where we get the English word moron.

We are called to be wise, and hold fast to the truth not to be moronic (John 8:31-32).

Truth is how we fight against the kingdom of the enemy: Satan is the Father of lies (John 8:39-47)

Therefore, in our engagement with the world, we must be wise and truthful and seek out the truth.

We are also called to be loving (John 13:34-35). Not only to other Christ-followers but to everyone.

Love + Truth = Life => preserves


Light reveals and shows things. Light allows us to navigate and find direction.

In being the light of the world, we have the opportunity to show others a better way of life.

Better way of life in Scriptural terms is the way of peace, shalom.

Moses saw how laws reflect and guide a better way of life: Deuteronomy 4:6-8

William Wilberforce: used the political structure to set people free because of unjust practices allowed by certain laws. He was instrumental in abolishing the vast majority of slavery in the British Empire.

Only a Christian worldview applied to a society can enable that society to flourish, thrive. The same goes for a family and individuals.

Question: What about “You can’t/shouldn’t legislate morality?” Answer: Every law passed legislates morality. The question is: What morality is the law based upon?


Vote: this is a way to engage the world in the U.S.

Seek the truth in who and what you vote for: it will take work and finding credible reliable sources

Person: what kind of person are they? How about those closest to them?

Policies: what do they stand for and does that contribute to people thriving?

What about having to make a choice between the person and the policies?

If Stalin was a nice guy, but had the same policies, would you support him?

There are times when you have to look past the person and their imperfections and support policies that will contribute to people’s flourishing.

Vote according to love: If you choose not to vote and thus engage in the world God has placed you in, then are you choosing out of love?

God is active in our world because he loves us, and He calls us to follow His example.

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